Chia seeds as one of the healthiest food on the planet

Chia seeds also known as Salvia hispanica. It has its origins in South America and was cultivated for the first time around 4000 years ago by Aztects.  Chia seed are usually issued from organic farming, non genetically modified and without  gluten.  Nowadays we can easily buy them in shops offering organic food. It particularly loved by people crazy about superfood and healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition facts

Why has chia become suddenly that popular? Apparently those little seeds are very rich in minerals and the same time low in calories. It contains not only lots of cellulose fiber but also more omega-3 fatty acids than a salmon. In addition, its great source of calcium and iron. Only two spoons of chia cover one third of recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals.

Benefits of chia

The benefits of chia can be reduced to two words: strengthen and satiate. But fortunately there is way much more! Chia can reduce cancer cell development, lower blood pressure,  helps digestion, straighten the bones and sooth the nerves. Regular chia consumption helps to hydrate the body thanks to its water absorption properties. It’s important for all those doing lots of sports.

How to eat chia seeds?

The preparation of chia is quite easy. Seeds don’t need to be ground before consumption. Thanks to its natural taste chia can be eaten with almost everything. Raw, soaked in juice or added to yoghurt, you can choose from many recipies. You want an extra touch to your everyday cooking? Try bread with chia or cake with chia. It’s delicious. Some can find disturbing the gelatin like substance covering chia. To get rid of it, think about soaking the seeds before eating.

We have for you very easy and exotic recipe using chia of course. It’s called Aqua fresca and it comes from Mexico. To make it, soak chia grains for 30 minutes in water, then add two spoons of honey and lime juice and voilà!

Bon appetit!

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