Pollution peak? Protect yourself!

Last January many European countries were struggling from a smog episode. Cities like Paris or Warsaw have faced red-alert levels of pollution. This last episode is due to weather conditions and a heavy dependence on diesel fuel. But an important factor causing smog is also the industry. Millions of people are exposed to fine particle pollution levels that flout current regulations. The consequences are serious – a risk for health, animals, plants and the environment. Only in France there is 42 000 deaths per year beacause of the pollution while in Poland – 48 000.

React before it’s too late!

  • Take the bike or public transport instead of a car
  • Reduce the waste by using recyclable products
  • Sort The Rubbish
  • Make you groceries with a cotton bag or a basket, refuse the plastic bags
  • Choose products without a packaging

How to protect yourself and your family?

Direct exposition to fine particle pollution  is a risque notably for  children and seniors.  However, certains measures can be taken to protect ourselves better from the smog. The best is to stay at home during high pollution level, especially during the moring an the evening.

If despite that, you are obliged to go out – put on an anti-pollution scarf.  It’s a complete novelty innovated by the French start-up called WAIR.  The scarf is not only fashionable and nomfotable but also very efficient when it  comes to anti-pollution protection.

Moreover, it come together with an free application called SUP’AIRMAN. The application will inform you about peaks of polution and suggest when you should put on your WAIR. Plus, it willshow you which route to take to avoid smog.

Currently, you an buy you WAIR scarf in pre-sale. You can choose among 3 models. The delivery is planned for spring 2017.



19 thoughts on “Pollution peak? Protect yourself!

  1. I make a real point to try and recycle. I am a bit obsessed with it to be honest – I think there is way too much packaging used on products these days so I try to do a little bit to help – even if it’s not much! Great post – some important points raised 🙂

  2. There are so many ways we as individuals can reduce our carbon footprint, and you list some great points! I definitely do what I can to reuse and recycle.

  3. I recycle but reading reading your list I can do more. I do take the bus and train everywhere. and have my own bags for groceries.

  4. Wow, I’ve never heard of this WAIR scarf before. But after looking at your photos I realize that I have at least seen it before. I lover that the application will inform you about peaks of polution and suggest when you should wear it. That’s awesome.

  5. Thanks for good ideas to think about when it comes to pollution. I have been places where I ended up with a sore throats just from breathing all day their dirty air. It’s not fun.

  6. Here in our city, plastics are not allowed in supermarkets anymore, and I think that is a small start to lessen garbage.

  7. Pollution is truly a huge problem in most cities. But our simple acts can make a huge difference. Learn to recycle, plant more trees, and never litter.

  8. We try to be as green as possible to help the environment. Not a fan of pollution, thankfully we do not have much in the air here. I would be more afraid of the germs on public transportation. Huge Germaphobe here.

  9. It is a pressing issue these days. Which is why I love to explore cities by bike or walking when traveling!

  10. If we all did a little to improve the scenario it wouldn’t be so bad.The pollution in India is worse .It’s horrible

  11. It’s scary that it’s come to the point where we can’t even have fresh air to breathe! This product seems interesting and much nicer looking that a regular face mask

  12. I am trying to do all of this but I gotta admit I struggle or I’m lazy sometimes… but we all should make sure we reduce the pollution.

  13. I live in Los Angeles, smog is our middle name. Thank you for sharing this. The more people that get educated, the more change can be made.

  14. Pollution nowadays become more of a concern. I hope everyone will be responsible citizens and be an advocate of environmental protection.

  15. Great article. Pollution is something that unfortunately everyone needs to worry about now!

  16. I need to buy a bike. Well, I don’t have a car, but I’ve been wanting to get a bike for the longest time!

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