Pajaki chandeliers

Pajaki, literlly spiders of straw (pronounce pah-yonk-ee) are the hottest interior trend at the moment. You can read about them in the best home and design magazines in the world. These handmade paper chandeliers are colourful and eye-catching.  When you take a look at them you see live, happiness and energy. But also there is some kind of magic coming from their polish origins. Pajaki chandeliers will add a little bit of charm to every, even the most gloomy, space.

Where do Pajaki come from?

Pajaki are traditional polish chandeliers. They date back to the 18th century. Originally made with rye straw and paper. Gradually, the other materials like crêpe paper, ribbons and flowers were added. Suspended from the ceiling, Pajaki were the symbol of happiness and prosperity.  They served as decoration for all special occasions such as weddings, christmas, new year etc.

Pajaki today

Unfortunately, this beautiful polish tradition was forgotten for many years. We could admire these colourful chandeliers only in Ethnographic Museums. Fortunately there is a renaissance of Pajaki today. And they turned out to be a real succes! All of that thanks to a polish artist, Karolina Merska (bobbin & bow). This polish currently based in London not only keeps Pajaki tradition alive but also spreads it proudly. In Great Britain Pajaki won hearts of many. You can find them as a decoration in many public places, shop and galleries.

Crêpe paper  and …the flowers

By taking a quick look at Pajaki one can say that they are a little bit eccentric. It seems to be  a sort of mishmash. But even if you prefer minimalism when it comes to decor, you absolutely have to  visit the gallery of Bobbin&Bow. Next to very colourful and lively Pajaki chandeliers you will find more simple ones with geometrical forms. Personally, we felt in love with those made out of fresh flowers. Even if they won’t last as long s paper ones they can be an amazing alternative for balloons and garlands. We dream about wedding venue decorated with Pajaki.


If you live in London or nearby we kindly invite to consider taking a Pajaki workshop with Karolina. Aside of learning how to do your own polish chandelier you can count on friendly atmosphere and fan. Don’t hesitate and take your place here.For all those from other places than London, don’t worry. We have a good news, you can find many tutorials (for example here&here) that shows how to do Pajaki. The cost is not big but the satisfaction guaranteed!

Photo credit:  Karolina Paczkowska

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