Start with some water

Main properties of water

Water is life. Life is water. So don’t wait anymore to take another sip of it! Good hydratation of your body is necessary for your health. If you suffer from dry skin, dry hair, lips or even often headaches just try to drink more and you will see some improvement. Some of many  advantages of water are:

relive the pain

stimulate your brain

helps to lose the weight

keeps your skin healthy and elastic

helps your body to get rid of toxins

Plastic or glass bottle?

If you still buy water in plastic bottles stop it immediately. First of all this plastic can contain the metals and chemical substances that can affect your hormonal balance. Second of all it’s really disastrous for our planet, did you know that one plastic bottle needs even 1000 years to completely decompose?

Instead, we recommend you glass bottles, you can reuse them as many times as you want and you are sure they are eco-friendly.

What kind out water do I choose?

The tap water is getting more and more popular. With modern water purification methods you can be sure it is safe for you and your family. Some of you may still have problem to accept its special taste, but we recommend adding some lemon, mint or even cucumber. The best solution is of course spring water. And moreover, you can get it for free! To find the closest source go to:

How much water do I need?

The health authorities commonly recommend 2.5 l per day. But the personal need depends on many factors live the climate you live in, the physical activity or even the kind of food we eat. Just remember to count in all the liquids you take, like tea, coffee, soup etc.

Where do I buy my bottle?

Now when you know what kind of water you can drink and how much of it, you should find your perfect bottle. We felt in love with those proposed by EQUA. They are not only made out of Borosilicate glass but also very stylish! You can choose from many designs and even engrave something on the cap.

It’s good to have a bottle of water every time, everywhere you go. Don’t forget to drink regularly, without taking big gulps.


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