Eco cotton pads

We have posted lately an article about the eco-friendly substitutes for traditional period supplies. To follow the eco thread today we are coming to you with another sustainable idea.

Basically every woman has in her bathroom a bag or two of cotton pads…we use them to get rid of our make up, to apply toner, to get rid of nail polish etc. You have to admit that daily at least one of those little pads finishes in the trash. Imagine now weekly, monthly…yearly amount!!

We propose you to switch to washable & reusable cotton pads. It’s very simple – you use them then you pre-wash them with the warm water uder the sink, then you put them to your washing machine and then…you use them again. Result? No waste!

If you are ready to give it a try, we recommend you webstite KUFU, it’ an online shop following the philosophy “zero waste”, proposing the whole range of eco-friendly products. The cotton pads are made of three layers of organic cotton, with two sides – one dedicated for cleaning and the velvety one for the sensitve areas like eyes or lips. 

We believe that every modern woman should be  an environmentally conscious person. Change your daily routine and choose wisely! 



One thought on “Eco cotton pads

  1. I love this idea! I am lazy when it comes to washing makeup brushes etc but I might be spending way more money buying cotton pads ever so often. This seems to be a very economical method to develop. Cute bags to go along with it also!

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