I knit therefore I rock

I’m getting old, so…I knit! What a cliché! Check out the website We are knitters to discover that knitting is a very cool and trendy thing to do. They sell not only kinitting and crochet kits but also all the indispensables supplies to start an adventure with wool and knitting needles.  The site will help you to make your very first steps in this new hobby by showing the tutorials and actual trends.

We love them not only for showing that knitting can be an activity for modern women but also for their eco-friendly label.

Winter seems to be a perfect season to start knitting, and you can do that even with your kid or partner – it’s a nice and ‘healthy’ hobby for everyone. First of all knitting helps you to keep your physical and mental stability by lowering your blood pressure, stumulating your brain and reducing muscle tension. And second, it can improve your self-esteem and believing in yourself, you create unique things with your own hands and you see the effects.

If  you are still not 100% convinced we invite you to see the creations of polish knitting brand So-Fluffy. We promise, you won’t be dissapointed!

So let’s get those knitting needles?


Use code AOFT to get 10% of reduction in the online shop So-Fluffy.


Photo credit So Fluffy



9 thoughts on “I knit therefore I rock

  1. How fluffy these knits are.I love knitting but hardly get time.Reminding me to take up the hobby again. Lovely colours and the wool looks so soft.

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