Ouch, Ouch, Ouch !

They do not need much care and they are quite easy to grow. It’s a perfect solution for all of you in lack of time or green fingers. After being forgotten, cacti are once again very trendy!

But apparently you should not keep them at home, according to the superstition they are not good for those in relationships.

Cactus can also bring bad Feng shui while placed in the wrong room.

We recommend to keep it on a desk in your workplace, this way it will help you with assertiveness.

Cacti are popular among the teenagers, it’s a way to show need of autonomy.

Some other believes that cactus is a symbol of  the maternal bond.

So, dear moms if you are searching for a little something for your kiddos, you can try  Ay Cactus. They offer enormous choice of cacti with differents shapes, motifs and you can as well add a personal message!



13 thoughts on “Ouch, Ouch, Ouch !

  1. I have not tried this one. I have not had much success in the past. Maybe this one will live. :-0

  2. This does look pretty! We don’t have one in the house but maybe we’ll have to change that. I do have a teenage son!

  3. oh, i guess i need to buy one. This is good as a home decor too! no need for watering always. So for sure it’s life is longer compared to other plants.

  4. I’ ve always had a cactus at home, as I know, they are so good to reduce static from Pcs…

  5. I was thinking of a low maintenance plant to get for my home and this may be a contender. I’d have to place it high so my 3 year old can’t get to it. Great to hear all the benefits!

  6. I have been thinking about having one at home since it is now trendy and many people around me seem to like it very much. I love your styling too.

  7. Never liked them things had a bad experience when I was little girl. I’ll never bring one into my home lol

  8. I have a lot of Cactus in different shapes in my house 🙂 don’t need much care for this plants.

  9. I have owned this before and yes I have accidentally touch and it was not very fun. They are great to have around the house.

  10. I’m not much of a plant person and would honestly say I have a black thumb. I hear cacti are impossible to kill though! Maybe I need to try one.

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