Organic menstruation

Ladies, today we propose you to make a little step toward the nature and to choose 100% organic tampons. Yes, they exist and you can easily buy them online and get them delivered to your door thanks to Dans Ma Culotte, a french brand. But they obviously exist in other countries as well.

Made with organic cotton (certified GOTS), they are biodegradable and incredibly gentle for your skin but also for the environment.

For 26 tampons and and a cute, ecological bag to refill you need to pay 9.90€, afterward you can simply order 26 tampons at the price of 5.30€.

For those of you searching for something else as well 100% environmentally-friendly, Dans Ma Culotte has an alternative – menstrual cup. You use it exactly the same way as a tampon. It’s made with thermoplastic elastomers, known as TPE, the materials that have the potential to be recyclable and are nontoxic.

But this little menstrual cup has some more advantages than that, it’s:

Practical: you don’t have to empty it and clean it that often, less often that you change your menstrual pads.

Economical: since it’s a multi use product it can last even till 5 years of utilisation, (cost: 23-25€.)

Hygienic: it keeps the blood instead of absorbing it, so there is any odeur

Safe: for you and your skin. It’s made with antiallergic materials to minimise the risk of allergies




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