Time is money

We used to say “Time is money”. Time flies, goes by so fast. Things happen in a blink of an eye, moreover the nice ones. We often complain we don’t have enough of it. Not to mention the money…Let’s change our habits and try to organize our time better with a good agenda. Of course, without losing time to find the one! We prepared for you an excellent selection of some practical and neat personal diaries for 2017. In one word, they are MAGICAL!

1.Sezonownik (made with love in Poland) – very beautiful agenda for all those nature lovers out there. Every month you can discover a new plant and its secrets.  You can find as well some practical advice notably about cooking and health. All of this with accompaniment of humour that for sure will make you smile every time you open your copy of Sezonownik!





2. Magical Manifesting Diary 2017 ( made with passion in Australia)this angeda is going to be perfect for all of you who love adventure and challenge but also for those who are a bit afraid to say “yes” to adventure. It will help you to establish your goals, write down your dream but most of all it will motivate you to realize them. Every time you will open it, there will be some magic power coming out there whispering: come on, leave your comfort zone and for once start to do what your inner-self wants! Plus, the illustrations are simply beautiful. Remember, 2017 it’s the ear of ADVENTURE !





3. Pocket Journal Els&Nel 2017(made with elegance in Netherlands) First of all, it’s incredibly functional     agenda. Its sublime cover as well as minimalistic inside will be a great solution for those wishing manage their time better and never forget about planned meetings and dates!

Pocket Journal 2017

Pocket Journal 2017

Pocket Journal 2017

4. Agenda Elcid 2017 (from the collection Play/Book) – (made with creativity in France) this handy size agenda is inspired by construction games. Inside you will find some graphics you can colour while waiting for you doctor’s appointment or during some boring lecture. You will have enough blank pages to make quick notes or write down phone numbers of your future dates. Perfect as a present for stationery-crazy people. Hurry up, it’s limited edition!




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