I change my pompom when i want to

Those lasts days winter shows us its real face, the temperatures felt below 0 degrees and don’t even try to rise a little bit. How to go out and survive? Always have a hat with you, it’s proved that we lose half of our body heat through our head!

We  know the story very well – it’s hard to find one perfect hat that will be with us the whole winter season. But, there is a solution. A hat that gives us a possibility to change only the pompoms so they can perfectly match all the coats and parkas we have. Equipped like this, you can be sure to survive till spring.Take a look at this two brands, that made us even like the ‘hat season’ a little bit: polish – POMPOMS and french  – CABAÏA.


Source: www.pom-poms.pl



Source: www.cabaia.fr


Source: www.pom-poms.pl

9 thoughts on “I change my pompom when i want to

  1. I’ve never seen anything like that either! I think it would be fun to be able to switch out the pom-poms of a hat – especially for sporting events!

  2. Those furry ones are adorable. I do think that I would probably lose them LOL. These are now on my birthday list.

  3. Aweeee, they look so cute n I love the color. I had a similar cap growing up with adjustable pompom and it was the warmest n the cutest thing ever.

  4. How. Stinking. Cute. I am obsessed with pom poms and fun accessories! That is such a great concept!

  5. Oh my gosh ~ that is such a cute idea! My daughter would flip over this and the colors to choose from are great for everyone! Very fun ~ thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow, that is so clever. Your right, with all the different coats I have it can get difficult to figure out how to coordinate or not lose the hats. This pompom idea is awesome, I love the different neutral colors!

  7. omg so cute I’m loving the pom pom i bought one as a keychain from Just Fab a few weeks back

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